Monday, June 1, 2009

Cat can't resist fishes?

As if everyone around me was trying to convince me with the quote of " all cat eat fish!"
hmm... not really Bern, not all men would do that, at least physically, I can't say not even "think" of it, but not all cat would have the "gutt" to commit! Know what, that may require certain gutt and spontaneous reaction! But I will not buy that say of "all cats eat fish", well at least the "stinggy" cat won't do! Just because he is too kiam siap!
Anyway, "forgive and forget" is always easy said than done.
I was thought to forgive all the time, but I could hardly recall in any of my childhood education, since then, ever thought me to "forget"? most of the time, our teachers were trying to make us "remember" leh! hmm... very confusing...

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