Monday, June 1, 2009

True love

What is true love? How does it look like? Have anyone seen it before? If there really is, where to find it?
In Christianity, we believe in God love all of us. But in real life, parents really love us, but not all parents love their children! Story of lil one been murdered and disposed in Penang, desperate mother before kill themself, who killed their children first!
What is love?
Does love really comes with price to pay? As there is no free lunch!!What is love with priceless? or worthless?
Findling true love would be like trying to find needle in the middle of an ocean! All depend on your luck! And even if you have found it, doesn't mean that it will stay with you forever! In order to withstanding all kind of struggle in life (like being in the sea) yet have to hold on to that little needle that you have found! phew... pretty tough!

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